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Another shot whistles past keeper Hellier (pic, Emma Fish)

For many, stepping onto the field for your first game is a daunting feeling, none more so than me. However, when you then put into context, my first game for the Bournemouth Lacrosse team was against the best team in our league – Exeter – who are full of imported players from the States, a long with the small fact that it was my first ever game of Lacrosse, as well as the fact I was playing in goal where I had never even trained to play before until two minutes before face-off – then you start to realise why – in Shakespeare’s terms, I shit my pants. Oh wait he didn’t say that actually…

Anyway, in those two minutes before kick-off I was told just stay on my line and step out to the ball as it comes towards me. I nodded back but in my mind I was thinking, ‘Screw that captain, if a ball is getting flung at 90mph at me whilst I’m wearing this helmet and gloves that have come straight from the 80’s, then there is only one way I’m stepping and it isn’t towards it!’