Undefeated….sort of!

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Blog
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Trowbridge Freshers tournament (pic, Nick Roberts)

Wow! What a day of Lacrosse that was yesterday. I’m gonna start this week off by congratulating the BULC lads for their fine display in the tournament in Trowbridge on Sunday after playing four, losing none and winning only our second game this season – even if it was in a freshers tournament – they all count. With a bit more luck in the last game we could have even won the whole thing, but we should still be proud, especially my dogged defence who kept no less than three clean sheets.

Anyway, away from the team and back to the reason this blog started in the first place – ME!

This week was yet another steep learning curve in the world of Lacrosse. After my first session playing in torrential rain at Wednesdays training I then traveled with the team to Trowbridge – minus our customary Mcdonalds which has damaged team morale irreparably by the way –  to play in the before mentioned undefeated tournament and then league game vs Bath City.

Training Wednesday was great, as always, giving me the opportunity to work on my shot stopping, throwing and cradling techniques which are coming on quickly now after the disastrous start with my ‘Hench’ stick! The big net is still a huge problem and I can’t wait to get a new stick for Christmas, or ‘Lachristmas’ as it will be remembered, but I will miss old Dorothy when she’s retired to the shed as she’s served me well in my introduction to the sport – and yes I do know how lame it is to name my stick, but we have a connection OK.

Epic Sunday

As for Sunday – it was epic. Four hard fought mini-games in the tournament followed by a full league match – they know how to work us that’s for sure. The tournament was great as mentioned before, myself and the defence keeping three clean sheets and only conceding two in the whole tournament in the 2-2 draw with Bristol.

The real test, however, started when we had finished the tournament and had fifteen minutes to rest before our third league match of the season. So far it was played 2 lost 2, conceded 24 if my maths serves me correctly and it didn’t exactly get better in terms of scoreline on Sunday. However, we did shoot into a two goal lead which got everyone very excited, including myself – nearly cartwheeling around the crease like Peter Schmeichal in the 99 Champions League final – I did refrain though! Five minutes later that excitement had turned into the usual thoughts of ‘here we go again’ as goal after goal was put past me in goal, a lot of them – annoyingly – I probably could have saved if I was actually any good. By half time it was an all too familiar story with us losing by plenty and me losing my rag and throwing my stick around like a little brat – something which miraculously brought a change in fortunes.

Take the positives

In the last two quarters, although too many goals still went in, I actually started making some decent saves. At one stage I recall four good saves on the bounce followed by one of their attack men shouting, ‘I see what you were doing, just saving them all for the end!’ – I wish I could say that was true but in reality they just hit me. One of their more experienced attack man got particularly annoyed with me at the end, calling me a ‘bastard’ – I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you.

Anyway, all this left me with a very sweet taste in my mouth – something which is surprising when we lost 15-3 – but it’s true. I can take these positives into the next game and keep on improving, which at the end of the day, is what this season is going to be all about.


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