Broken Man Chronicles

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Broken Man Chronicles
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This is yet another new feature, plucked from the infinite mind of yours truly, called ‘the Broken man Chronicles’. This is a different way of saying Injury of the week, but I think that sounds too common for CrazygoalieLAX.

Jimmy Chan's broken finger (pic, Jamie Hellier)

Anyway, following the last few games and a week’s break to muster some new ideas, this is what I have come up with and we got off to a flying start with no fewer than four candidates for the Broken man Chronicles. Pipping skipper Ben Piper to the first ever crown of most broken man, however, was Jimmy Chan with his awful finger break, following a whack from local rivals Portsmouth’s huge D-poled defender.

Unfortunately we couldn’t get a picture of his mutilated finger until after it had been strapped, but I will get on the case. Until then here’s the proof that Lacrosse is no joke. Well done Jimmy for playing on until the end too!


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