Derby Dismay

Posted: November 29, 2011 in Blog
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(left) Joe Jackson, D-man during half time (pic, E.Fish)

I will have to start with another apology this week, this time for not posting any sort of blog last week. As some of you may know, last week was a bad week for me with the destruction of Dorothy meaning it was only right for me to Boycott any writing until she was fixed.

But good news!! She’s all well and good and looking better than ever with her new hard-mesh face and tightened head – thanks to El Capitano – and she even had her first outing on Saturday in the local derby with Portsmouth 2nds – although it didn’t exactly go to plan.

Pre-match was an absolute dream for me, practicing with the made-over Dorothy let me realise that actually I’m not that bad at throwing a Lacrosse ball, I just had to play with a semi-retarded stick for a month or so. Despite having to get used to the ball bouncing off the net a bit more, the modifications have made me a lot more confident in throwing the ball, which will hopefully eventually rub off on the rest of my game as I get more comfortable with it.

Piper’s speech

The match itself started off fantastically, with the boys putting in a great shift and looking like we could really give them a good game. However, with no subs things soon started toiling as goal after goal was put past me once again! The middle two quarters were ones to forget so we won’t elaborate on them too much, as my confidence dropped, mistakes inevitably started creeping in making me very frustrated. All of that was soon forgotten in the last quarter though, following a speech William Wallace would have been proud of from Phil and Ben, as the lads rallied together, despite Jimmy shattering his finger, to show the fight that had been missing for whole game, meaning we actually won the last quarter 2-1, something we had never achieved. Even my confidence started to come back with a few decent saves and one ridiculous one over my head which had even the opposition in disbelief, let alone me!

Bournemouth's Goddard dodges Pompey defender (pic, Fish)

In the end everyone can be delighted with the game as we showed we can at least compete with these teams and maybe once we have an actually squad rather than a part-time one, we may actually be able to win a game!

Same old post game antics

It goes without saying following the game there was the customary drink-off between the two teams…at least we can proudly say we are by far the best in the league at that, with me and Grant bringing us home.

Anyway, this wasn’t the end of the weekend action for us. Following an absolute epic partay at Dom and Joe’s house on the Saturday night, including the sacrifice of a housemates pizza which nearly burnt the house down, we then had to get up at 6.30AM to get on the bus for Bristol where we were playing a mixed tournament.

New experience

Lets put it this way, if I realised when I put myself forward for it that it would be the morning after that party, there is no way on earth I would have said yes. Despite spending most of the way taking chunder stops for our very responsible captain Ben and Dom and nearly getting killed in the process after the latter chundered in someones drive, it was a pretty enjoyable day – especially the amazing bacon and sausage bap in the pavillion!

Attacker Jamie Morris shoots for goal (pic, E.Fish)

It was a new experience for me as I played outfield and proudly scored the only goal the team got in the whole tournament – cue wild celebrations – before destroying my hip and having to go back to where I belong, in goal. After failing to win any of our games and finishing bottom, it was a surprisingly upbeat journey home, with the amazing trio of boys singing along to Shania Twain and S Club 7 – we’re not gay, honest – and the customary stop at McDonald’s.

Even though it was a great weekend which saw me rekindle my love with Dorothy, play my first game outfield and score my first goal, I was so happy to get in my bed on Sunday night, only for it to start all over again this week….when will it end!!


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