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Max Seibald's Wings Jersey (pic, google)

The @PhilliWings will become the first American sports team in history to do this with their name plates, which is all to do with raising awareness and engagement with the social networking site.

Each player will be given special training on using Twitter and will be required, if they have not got one already, to set up and maintain a twitter account to help interactions with fans, as well encourage people to ‘Tweet’.

Following the game the special edition shirts will be auctioned off to raise money for @AmericanCancer.



The third installment of the ‘How to LAX’ videos sees Bournemouth Captain Ben Piper teach us how to Cradle a Lacrosse ball in the stick. This is a very unique style of moving with the ball compared with other sports, but has very useful advantages such as being able to move fast with the ball while protecting it in your stick. Ben explains expertly here all the reasons why cradling is yet another fundamental of the game.

Goalie Hellier (pic, E.Fish)

This will be the last time I post before Christmas as I don’t intend to waste my day blogging about Lacrosse when I could be playing with the new equipment I hope to get on the 25th!! So with that in mind, I will start by wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and I hope Santa brings you all the Lax-mas gifts you desire.

Being back in Cornwall now after a very long first term in Bournemouth has given me a welcome break and opportunity to reflect on all that has gone on Lacrosse-wise up to this point. Starting in October with my friends and now team mates, Dom Garcia and Joe Jackson is where it all took off, as they persuaded me to come along to Lacrosse, “this awesome sport which is like a mix between American Football and Ice-hockey and you get to smash people with sticks”.


Head-Coach Matt Bagley has announced the 40 men who will compete for the final 23 places in his England squad for next summers European Championships in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The forty men were chosen from the two trials held on the 4th and 11th December, in Manchester and Surrey respectively. Both were dire days in terms of weather but it seems that didn’t stop Bagley’s task of finding the talent to take forward for his squad.

In 2008 England won the European Championships, successfully defending their title from 2004 and will aiming for much of the same this time round in Holland.

The final 23-man squad will be announced later next year, but for now here’s the preliminary squad as seen on


Week 2 sees Ben Piper, Bournemouth University captain show us more of the fundamental parts of Lacrosse. This time it’s throwing and catching, one of the most obvious but important aspects of the game.

Watch how this week he actually gets it in the goal at the end too!!

In this series of videos, Bournemouth University Lacrosse captain Ben Piper takes us through some of the basics of the game. Ben has played for Wales at youth level and as explained in this clip, has high aspirations for his future in Lacrosse.

Here he is introducing us to the positions and sticks used in the game. Excuse the lack of Midfield recognition, it seems in Piper’s eyes they are just not as important…

The sound levels get better in the follow-up videos, I promise. Next week in ‘How to LAX’ is throwing and catching.

The weather once again failed to ruin an excellent morning of Lacrosse as Walcountian Blues, Surrey, hosted the final England trials of the year to leave Head-Coach Matt Bagley with a tough decision to make.

Following the Northern trials it was down to the South to show what they are made of in the torrential rain, hail and icy-winds which have become common place at England trials it would seem. Players came from all over the south, with four from Bristol alone and two making the long trip down the North.