Bournemouth Attacker lucky to be alive after freak accident

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Lacrosse News
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Broken Warrior throat guard (pic, Jamie Hellier)

A Bournemouth Lacrosse player was left in shock yesterday after a freak accident saw him grasping for air and worried for his life.

Jamie Morris, 21, from London, was having a turn in goal, taking over from the usual man between the sticks, Jamie Hellier, who had been complaining of hip pains, but was soon left to regret the decision.

After a couple of warm-up shots, which according to Hellier, were “dealt with admirably”, Captain Ben Piper decided to crank up a big shot to test the new keeper. Unfortunately just two seconds later the Warrior throat-guard, which goalkeepers must wear to ‘protect their throat’, was hit and exploded into tens of pieces, leaving the whole team in shock, none more so than Morris who’s face painted a very helpless picture.

Morris Shocked

Following the incident Morris was asked what was going through his mind when the Canon shot came towards his face. “I just saw it coming towards me and before I had time to think, the throat guard had exploded. I instantly grabbed my neck in shock”, he said.

Captain Piper expressed his shock of the incident and how he feared he may have killed his friend and team-mate. “I haven’t had a problem with warrior before but I mean with something as vital as a throat guard which is integral to saftey I would’ve thought it would take a lot more to break. At one point I thought I’d maimed Jamie!”

The club are said to be taking this matter up with the Manufacturers of the throat guard, Warrior, as they feel it has jeopardised the safety of one of their players, but it is too soon to say what will be done about it.

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    Now I just keep having the same nightmare over and over, Ben fires a lacrosse ball at me, and my head explodes….

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