Down ‘N’ out!

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Blog
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Hellier flattened after stupid run (pic, E.Fish)

For those of you who haven’t seen the pathetic state I’m in you won’t have heard about the shocking week I’ve had – three out of four training sessions missed – what has happened to me! 

There is a reason for my absence from everything Lacrosse since Monday this week, however. During Monday’s stick skills session, after playing all session with Dorothy, as per usual, i decided to pick up a short stick to take advantage of the Rage Cage we had brought to the 3G pitches. I wanted to try my hand at shooting and all in all it was going pretty well, despite the cold weather making it hard to grip the stick. It only took a second for all the enjoyment to be sapped out of the evening though and destroy my last week of Lacrosse before the Christmas break – but more importantly delay the release of the hotly anticipated masterclass videos by our very own Ben Piper and Joe ‘Rampage’ Jackson.

As Dom Garcia flung a pass over to me I lost it in one of the flood lights meaning I was guessing where to put the head of the stick instead of doing the sensible thing and run screaming – Big Mistake. With the ball hitting me straight in the eye socket, I collapsed to the floor with a dive Didier Drogba would have been proud of, grabbing my face in agony which soon turned to shock when it felt like my eye socket had collapsed! Soon after I regained my composure and realised I was fine, except for slight nausea and a very sore face and carried on with my evening with a Burger and chips in Dylans – as you do.

A&E again

It wasn’t until the Wednesday when I finally decided (with some persuasion from my girlfriend) to take myself off to A&E to get it seen to. Six hours, one head scan, one x-ray and numerous eye checks later, I was released with the knowledge I had quite a bad concussion which I will have for six weeks and a slight damage to the sensitivity of my eye. As I left I asked the Doctor what I was and wasn’t allowed to do with concussion. She replied, no swimming and no alcohol for at least three weeks. So I then inquired if Lacrosse – whilst reminding her this was how I got the concussion – was still on the cards, to which she said, yes I don’t see why not. Someone doesn’t even know what Lacrosse is me thinks, silly doctor.

As of now I am tucked up in bed on a Friday evening not able to go out and have fun in Bournemouth for the last time this year before I head back to Cornwall for Christmas, aka Laxmas as it will be known in my household. What a bad end to such a an epic term of Lacrosse.


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