Decision time for Bagley as England trials finish

Posted: December 11, 2011 in Lacrosse News
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The weather once again failed to ruin an excellent morning of Lacrosse as Walcountian Blues, Surrey, hosted the final England trials of the year to leave Head-Coach Matt Bagley with a tough decision to make.

Following the Northern trials it was down to the South to show what they are made of in the torrential rain, hail and icy-winds which have become common place at England trials it would seem. Players came from all over the south, with four from Bristol alone and two making the long trip down the North.

The morning took the same format as the Northern equivalent, with stick skills and positional skills followed by some intense fitness drills. The session finished with half-field attack versus defence then into mini-games between the nineteen trialists, all watched upon by Bagley.

These drills are used to test the players ability to use their brain whilst moving their body and despite the horrible conditions, the players overcame the obstacle to play three hours of intense Lacrosse with at least five of the players having a really good shot at making the final squad of 23.

Compared with the 50 player turnout at the previous trials it didn’t compare, showing the North still has a huge dominance over the South in terms numbers. However, the South definitely gave it their all and will hope to add something to Bagley’s England squad come the European Championships next year.


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