Goalie Hellier (pic, E.Fish)

This will be the last time I post before Christmas as I don’t intend to waste my day blogging about Lacrosse when I could be playing with the new equipment I hope to get on the 25th!! So with that in mind, I will start by wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and I hope Santa brings you all the Lax-mas gifts you desire.

Being back in Cornwall now after a very long first term in Bournemouth has given me a welcome break and opportunity to reflect on all that has gone on Lacrosse-wise up to this point. Starting in October with my friends and now team mates, Dom Garcia and Joe Jackson is where it all took off, as they persuaded me to come along to Lacrosse, “this awesome sport which is like a mix between American Football and Ice-hockey and you get to smash people with sticks”.

Hard introduction

Stepping into training I remember not knowing anyone and nervously picking up a Lacrosse stick with not a clue what to do with myself. As it all started and we were told to do some ‘simple’ passing, I soon realised how hard this was going to be. Every pass either hit the ground or flew over the head of my partner – this is probably the main reason by the end of that session I had decided to volunteer myself as goalkeeper.

It didn’t really register what I’d put myself in for until we played our first tournament at Chapel Gate. Looking back it was pure suicide what I was asked to do when you think I played in goal with no training, gloves from the 1960’s and a helmet with no chin guard!! It wasn’t until the second game when I realised I actually had the choice of one as I was lent a keeper helmet from a generous/worried Bath goalkeeper. It didn’t do much in terms of making me any better, but it certainly made me realise what being a keeper would be all about – taking hits for the team as the last form of defence.

Stark Improvement

Following the first tournament things got a bit better for me as I watched more and more videos of Galloway, among others, as well as more training sessions with shots being fired at me. When I look back at that first game of the INTO Lacrosse Freshers tournament and where I am now after a fair few full games under my belt, I can definitely see a vast improvement in my ability and judgement, as well as my bravery. Obviously there is a lot more improvement needed for me to be classed as even an average keeper, but that is what more training and more game time in the new year will bring, along with my new kit for Christmas if Ma and Pa come through like usual.

All in all it’s been a fantastic first few months in Lacrosse for me personally and the team. We haven’t had the joy of winning many games, but just playing this unbelievable and fast growing sport is enough to make you happy and if we improve as we go along, as we are, then there can be no complaints. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that in the new year we can start to drag back some of the players that dropped out towards the end of term with other commitments, then we could start to see some real improvement.

I think myself and the whole squad has to say a massive thanks to Ben Piper our captain this term for all the work he’s put in to keep us enthusiastic when the chips were down, as well as all the organising he does behind the scenes. Not only that, he has provided us with some pretty funny footage during the filming of ‘How to LAX’ which will be uploaded soon after the Christmas break – not that he knew of this of course….so you can all look forward to some New Year cheers!

Merry Christmas!!!!


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