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Rampage's arm after check in Swansea (pic, Jamie Hellier)

This week there are two different nominations for the broken man of the week. One of them, however, is not actually a human, but is a sad loss nonetheless.

The first though is Joe Jackson’s epic bruise on his arm following a massive check by a Swansea player last weekend. This is a rare occurrence having two weeks in a row, but this one certainly deserves it. It didn’t come out until a few days after, hence why it was absent from last weeks chronicles, but better late than never! Lets all hope he doesn’t make it three in a row next week.



Bournemouth celebrate in pub after the game (pic, B.Piper)

If you didn’t already gather from the frantic updating of statuses and tweets in the last day or so, Bournemouth University Men’s Lacrosse won their first ever full game on Saturday and we haven’t shut up about it since!

In my many years of playing football before hand I can definitely say that no team I’ve played for has had as much team spirit and heart as BULC do. What we have managed to do over the last few months, from picking up a stick for the first time, to being able to dominate a team who beat the team we lost to very convincingly last week, is incredible. Without sucking up to him too much, most, if not all of this has to go down to Ben Piper. His enthusiasm for the sport has rubbed off on all of us and got us hooked straight away – probably shying many of us away from uni deadlines etc. but having fun doing it.


Bournemouth Lacrosse team celebrate first win (pic, Jamie Hellier)

Southampton Tridents 6-8 Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University’s fast improving team shocked the lacrosse world as they registered their first win since forming in September under the leadership of ex-Wales under-19 player, Ben Piper


Bournemouth Girl's Lacrosse

Bournemouth Girl's team celebrate despite defeat (pic, Coach Michelle)

Cirencester 18 – 5 Bournemouth University Girls

Bournemouth University’s new squad of girls continue to impress despite losing again to a very experienced Cirencester team, in a game which was once again dominated by adverse weather conditions. 

The South Coast girls have had to get used to awful conditions in the last couple of games, first playing on a bog-like pitch in Plymouth and  now seeing 30-mph winds literally taking the ball out of their sticks, making it hard for any sort of skill to shine through.

Last time out Plymouth scraped a win as Bournemouth adjusted to the conditions quicker, however, Cirencester, with their bank of experienced international players, had seen it all before and ended up running away with this game despite a spirited display from the more inexperienced Bournemouth.


Rosie in tape and hard mesh (pic, J.Hellier)

As far as Lacrosse goes, this week has been pretty slow. A decent stick skills session on Monday, which saw me pick up a short stick for the first time since the eye incident, was followed by the news that our game was cancelled on Saturday due to a lack of numbers – probably just as well considering our two best players would have been missing!

This was followed by a lethargic strength and conditioning class for me in which I couldn’t even finish the shuttle run at the end – pretty pathetic really. However, Wednesday’s training session was a huge confidence boost after the humiliation of Saturday’s game in Swansea. In what everyone agreed was one of the best training sessions we’ve ever had – mainly down to the practice game we had being a big success – I felt more comfortable and, well, in the words of the Lonely Island, “Like a Boss”, more than I had ever felt in my brief spell as a goalie so far. As soon as the first shot came towards me, I felt the urge to really step out, or ‘explode’ to it to make the save, something I have been taught but never really carried out with aggression. From that point on I felt a rush of adrenaline every time I was getting shots fired at me – even feeling the need to bang the rage cage as the attack-man ran round the back of my goal, in the hope of putting them off. It was the first real time I’ve felt in myself that I could actually become a semi-decent Lacrosse goalkeeper – which is a confidence, NOT arrogance, that I have learnt that a goalkeeper really needs.


This weeks edition of ‘How to LAX’ will be the last for a while as the team embark on another epic editing session to get the next bits finished.

However, this week is Face-offs, Lacrosse’s equivalent of a kick-off in football. You need to be strong and have good core strength to be successful at this and have cat-like reactions to go with it. Winning a face-off can be the difference between starting a quick attack for a goal, or losing it and conceding within seconds. Therefore, it is imperative to a team to win this very important skill in the match.

Visit CrazygoalieLAX on YouTube for all the ‘How to Lax’ videos, plus loads more Lacrosse material.

This feature has been absent ever since its conception really, so it’s about time we had a new one.

Saturday’s game saw a number of injuries, including Dom Garcia getting flattened a couple of times and threatened with death at one point by the friendly opposition and my own fat leg which still to this moment I cannot understand how it happened.

However, this weeks top scar comes from the leg of Joe ‘Rampage’ ‘The Wizard’ Jackson, partly because it’s the only one which was worth a photo and also due to its bloody nastiness.