Broken Man Chronicles

Posted: January 15, 2012 in Broken Man Chronicles
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This feature has been absent ever since its conception really, so it’s about time we had a new one.

Saturday’s game saw a number of injuries, including Dom Garcia getting flattened a couple of times and threatened with death at one point by the friendly opposition and my own fat leg which still to this moment I cannot understand how it happened.

However, this weeks top scar comes from the leg of Joe ‘Rampage’ ‘The Wizard’ Jackson, partly because it’s the only one which was worth a photo and also due to its bloody nastiness.

Part way through the game Joe was downed and innocuously hit his knee on the ground, but seconds later saw blood pouring from his skinless knee cap to the shock of everyone who barely noticed anything had happened. To his credit he carried on playing the rest of the game, unfortunately, it failed to scare the opposition into submission so we still lost. Anyway here’s a lovely pic for ya’ll which doesn’t really do it justice to be honest but you’ll just have to deal with it…

Joe Jackson suffers nasty cut after fall on Astro-turf (pic, J.Hellier)


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