Wales is cold…

Posted: January 15, 2012 in Blog
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Josh Carter Walrus drinking challenge (pic, Jamie Hellier)

It’s been a while since I last posted on here, but in all honesty not a lot has happened in my my life Lacrosse-wise in the last few weeks.

The Christmas break was great – relaxing, full of food, friends, family and more food. The only downside was my Gran being in hospital and my Granddad being ill at the same time, but thankfully they are OK now! The one thing that stood out to me over the holidays, however, was how obsessed I now am with Lacrosse. I mean it’s ridiculous now I think of it.

Cornwall needs Lacrosse

This obsession wasn’t helped when on my families own special Christmas day this year (the 28th) – due to my Dad slaving away on the 25th – I was treated with brand spanking new Lacrosse kit. This was amazing and all, except no one else in my family – actually, make that no one else in my COUNTY plays  the sport, meaning I had to spend most of my days either staring at my pretty new stick, Rosie, for those who care to learn her name, or carefully cradling her before bed whilst I wore my new goalkeeper shorts and gloves, being careful not smash my lovely glass light shade….

I’m not gonna lie, that was sad even for me but I’m sorry, I live in Cornwall, what else is there to do in the Winter.

Rage Cage, meet Rosie

Now that I’m back in Bournemouth and have regained my sanity, I’ve been using every opportunity to test out the new gear. So far however, I’ve hardly been doing it justice. In the first kitted training I got so wound up I gave Rosie her first encounter with the cold metal of the Rage Cage before forgetting she was a Lacrosse stick and throwing her like a Javelin – as if that was going to improve things.

Joe 'The Wizard' Jackson and D-pole staff (pic, J.Hellier)

Saturday’s game away to the Swansea Hawks gave me the first real opportunity to test it all out in a competitive match. The day started off in good spirits – despite having to squeeze ten people into a nine seat minibus – as Joe ‘Rampage’ Jackson added another personality to his profile, The Wizard, as you can see in all his glory here. If only he could have used his ‘wizardy’ magic to fashion us some subs, we may actually stand a chance of winning a game soon.

As you can tell by that spoiler, once again BULC came back empty handed from a league game – I say empty handed, but that would be unfair as once again we dominated at the post-match drink-off, as Josh Carter unnervingly managed to keep down one of the worst dirty pints I’ve ever seen -TOP LAD.

Lack of concentration

The game itself started out respectably, with the first quarter ending with the scores still close. However, as the hilltop pitch started to take its toll on our team with bitterly cold winds and an indifferent surface, concentration dropped and we ended up getting a real arse-kicking to put it nicely. There was even time for the opposition to take the piss out of us a little bit, which to be honest didn’t please me one bit, but I won’t be bitter. Despite this we can still be proud with the performance as for the second match in a row we went into battle with the bare ten players against nearly a full squad for the Hawks – who also boasted a number of Wales internationals – not that I’m making excuses.

The silver lining for the day was the free sausage and chips in the pub afterwards, so thank you to Swansea for putting that on for us! There should also be a special congratulations to Dom Garcia who managed to pull on the trip! You all know who it was…..


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