Rosie’s makeover is almost complete

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Blog
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Rosie in tape and hard mesh (pic, J.Hellier)

As far as Lacrosse goes, this week has been pretty slow. A decent stick skills session on Monday, which saw me pick up a short stick for the first time since the eye incident, was followed by the news that our game was cancelled on Saturday due to a lack of numbers – probably just as well considering our two best players would have been missing!

This was followed by a lethargic strength and conditioning class for me in which I couldn’t even finish the shuttle run at the end – pretty pathetic really. However, Wednesday’s training session was a huge confidence boost after the humiliation of Saturday’s game in Swansea. In what everyone agreed was one of the best training sessions we’ve ever had – mainly down to the practice game we had being a big success – I felt more comfortable and, well, in the words of the Lonely Island, “Like a Boss”, more than I had ever felt in my brief spell as a goalie so far. As soon as the first shot came towards me, I felt the urge to really step out, or ‘explode’ to it to make the save, something I have been taught but never really carried out with aggression. From that point on I felt a rush of adrenaline every time I was getting shots fired at me – even feeling the need to bang the rage cage as the attack-man ran round the back of my goal, in the hope of putting them off. It was the first real time I’ve felt in myself that I could actually become a semi-decent Lacrosse goalkeeper – which is a confidence, NOT arrogance, that I have learnt that a goalkeeper really needs.

New mesh the difference

One of my theories is that it was all down to Rosie, as she looked resplendent with her new mesh – a new look which is about to be completed in the next few days in the shape of another new mesh, a red 12 Diamond Monster Mesh to be exact. This is something I literally cannot wait for as I look to kick onto the next level in my development. At the moment I’m playing with a standard hard mesh which isn’t easy to break in to get a deep pocket. For those of you that don’t know Lacrosse, for a keeper – especially one as amateur as me – it is important to stop rebounds from the stick, so therefore a deeper pocket gives you more of a chance. The hope is then that the 12 Diamond mesh can help me build on the confidence gained from last Wednesday’s training and maybe keep a few more chances out during game time.

Options for next year

To change the subject a little bit, during the downtime from Lacrosse matters this week, I have been able to weigh up my options a bit for next year once I finish my course. Obviously this being a Lacrosse blog I won’t bore you with any information non-relevant, but to cut a long story short, my aim is to move up to London (or that area) for at least a year. All this excitement means I will be looking for a team to play for during my time there. After scoping out options it’s clear that there are tons of clubs in the area, which means it shouldn’t be a problem to find one, however, any pointers or suggestions would be very welcome as I am clueless to which was are good or bad.

There is one other story that may interest you all this week. I have a mouse in my room! Not a pet one either, a wild mouse who’s managed to burrow its way through the cracks in the brick wall and then into my chest of drawers. The worst thing is, as of yet, I haven’t found it and my landlord is refusing to come round until I can prove its a mouse. My intentions were to catch it in my lacrosse stick and then use it to practice, but then I thought I would have animal cruelty people on my back and who needs that hassle.


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