Broken Man Chronicles

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Broken Man Chronicles
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Rampage's arm after check in Swansea (pic, Jamie Hellier)

This week there are two different nominations for the broken man of the week. One of them, however, is not actually a human, but is a sad loss nonetheless.

The first though is Joe Jackson’s epic bruise on his arm following a massive check by a Swansea player last weekend. This is a rare occurrence having two weeks in a row, but this one certainly deserves it. It didn’t come out until a few days after, hence why it was absent from last weeks chronicles, but better late than never! Lets all hope he doesn’t make it three in a row next week.

Although with us only for a short amount of time, Mabel was a valued and respected part of the squad. For one player in particular, Dominic Garcia, she was very special in many ways. Firstly and most importantly for Garcia, she was free! After being neglected in a bag full of sticks Dom took her under his wing and built her up into one of the most feared…..OK that’s too far, but she was a decent stick anyway.

Her career was cut short by a shocking death checkfrom Southampton’s juggernaut of a defender and will be mourned for some time.

Bournemouth's first Lacrosse casualty

Dom with Mabel after horrible death check. (pic, Jamie Hellier)

Here’s a picture of her shocking injury, reminiscent of Eduardo versus Birmingham City. (Not for the faint hearted)


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