Bournemouth record first win of the season in shock result

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Lacrosse News
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Bournemouth Lacrosse team celebrate first win (pic, Jamie Hellier)

Southampton Tridents 6-8 Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University’s fast improving team shocked the lacrosse world as they registered their first win since forming in September under the leadership of ex-Wales under-19 player, Ben Piper

A back and forth encounter – in terms of scoreline – was largely dominated by the Blues as their measured passing and build-up play reaped rewards as the Tridents stood off and had no choice but to play on the counter attack.

The game started promisingly for Piper’s men without much penetration from his attack-men, but their relaxed and precise passing mesmerized the home team’s defence. The Tridents occasionally caught the inexperienced Bournemouth midfield and defence off-guard with fast breaks, however, they weren’t having any luck in getting past inspired goalie Jamie Hellier. It wasn’t until just before the end of the first quarter that the visitors dominance prevailed, with quick-fire goals from captain Piper and new signing George FeBreese giving them a 2-0 lead at the break, after Piper and then German midfielder Phil Meinen had crashed shots against the bar.

Bournemouth kept the momentum going in the second quarter, quickly establishing a 3-0 lead with Piper once again leading by example with an unstoppable shot from 10 yards. The celebrations were short lived however, with a quick Southampton break culminating in a goal against the run of play to the displeasure of goalkeeper Hellier. By the end of the second quarter there were three more goals with FeBreese adding one more for Bournemouth and Southampton pulling a further two goals back after Joe Jackson had been sent off for a head-check.

There was an air of content at half-time in the Bournemouth team-talk as for the first time in their short careers they were dominating a game, with only a few small mistakes leading to goals against them.

Determined performance

Concentration was the key going into the third quarter for the Blues, but it started off badly with a shot squeezing between Hellier’s legs to make it 4-4. Usually this is where the Bournemouth heads drop, but this time there was a real determined attitude coming from their team spirit. After a quick time out and some encouraging words from Piper, Bournemouth quickly restored their lead to 5-4 with a goal from attack-man Jamie Morris, a lead which was again pegged back but not before some stout defending from Bournemouth who were two men down. It wasn’t until four seconds before the removed players’ return that the Tidents finally stuck the ball in the net with a quick swipe shot. This alone is a testament to hard work put in week-in-week-out by everyone at Bournemouth Lacrosse.

The fourth quarter is where Bournemouth really showed their steel with organised defending, accurate passing and sharp movement up top leading to a further three goals, with the returning Jimmy Chan, Ben Piper and GeorgeFeBreese each grabbing one apiece.

Great celebrations

Cue celebrations at the whistle with the score at 6-8, as months of hard work and heavy defeats leading to emotional and exaggerated celebrations with Captain Piper at the centre of it all being tossed in the air.

After the celebrations had died down a little, Piper spoke of his delight at the win. He said, “I’m so happy I could actually cry!” These words were I’m sure shared by most of the team who have been together for four months prior to this game and finally saw their intensive training schedule pay-off and put their name on the Lacrosse map.


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