Weight off our shoulders

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Blog
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Bournemouth celebrate in pub after the game (pic, B.Piper)

If you didn’t already gather from the frantic updating of statuses and tweets in the last day or so, Bournemouth University Men’s Lacrosse won their first ever full game on Saturday and we haven’t shut up about it since!

In my many years of playing football before hand I can definitely say that no team I’ve played for has had as much team spirit and heart as BULC do. What we have managed to do over the last few months, from picking up a stick for the first time, to being able to dominate a team who beat the team we lost to very convincingly last week, is incredible. Without sucking up to him too much, most, if not all of this has to go down to Ben Piper. His enthusiasm for the sport has rubbed off on all of us and got us hooked straight away – probably shying many of us away from uni deadlines etc. but having fun doing it.

I can safely say he, a long with our INTO Lacrosse coach Will Finlayson and the many people I’ve met and spoken to whilst writing this Blog have convinced me that football isn’t the only sport in the world – in fact there is something on a par and maybe even better than it. There’s something I never thought I would say.

Obviously this probably seems to a lot of you like a massive over reaction after just one win, but you lot can kiss my behind, you weren’t there yesterday after the game as we celebrated like we’d won the world cup. All the hard work in strength and conditioning classes, training twice a week – although largely frustrating due to lack of numbers – and suffering hidings like cricket scores, was all worth it just for that feeling of accomplishment at the final whistle. You have to feel sorry for Southampton who were our first, but by no means our last victims, as they put on a great performance with just 11 men, however, we were just better than them. In truth if Piper got his shooting down we could of won by six or seven…….

Mabel's broken dreams, with Dom Garcia (pic, J.Hellier)

Much harder when winning

The game itself was nerve-racking to say the least. It was strange being on the winning and dominant team for once. I remember standing in the goal with the ball up the other end and feeling a sense of pride at the way my team mates were swarming all over everything, winning ground balls, striking pin-point passes and peppering the Tridents goal with shot after shot. There was still time for me to get mad at my inability to save some of the goals, but it is actually a lot harder to be a keeper on the dominant team as your concentration has to be much higher.

After the post match celebrations had died down I can recall sitting at the table in the pub – who by the way put on some great food for us – and feeling more mentally drained than ever before. This was down to relief more than anything, but also to the concentration I had to put in during the 80 minutes on the pitch.

Building on win

I can’t really put into words how happy I am even after just one win, but now the real work starts for us! We can’t let this be the end of it after one win, we need to build on this. Training next week has to be tougher than ever, so we can take the confidence and get better and better for the next game and then the next and so on!

To end this weeks completely hyped-up Blog – and I am sorry – I want to say a special thanks to George FeBreese. Hopefully he can stay and play for the rest of the season as he gave us a real sense of calm in midfield like we haven’t had up until now with Phil and Ben having to be elsewhere and everywhere really. Welcome to BULC mate and long may you keep scoring hat-tricks.


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