Sky fails to capture essence of Lacrosse in lazy news feature

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Lacrosse News
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INTOLacrosse tournament 2012 (pic by Emma Fish)

Sky Sports News last weekend failed miserably in an attempt to showcase the growing impact of Lacrosse in the UK, instead turning it into a social sport for University students.

The five minute clip, part of the channel’s ‘Get Involved’ with sport feature, involved a team of reporters and cameras following around Worcester Universities Lacrosse team on an INTO Lacrosse session. The idea had a lot of potential in being able to show off all aspects of the game through a huge platform in Sky Sports News. However, instead of showing great passing, big checks, fast plays or even some good goals, they turned it into a laughing stock with people dropping the ball, missing shots and failing even to cradle the ball most of the time.

Worcester had a large amount of pressure on their hands and they shouldn’t be blamed for this. This was a great opportunity to get more people interested in playing Lacrosse – and to a certain degree it probably did this – but the more athletic people who would be interested in the sport are surely going to be put off by such a feeble example of it, instead mistaking it for a throw-about in the park.

What should have been done

Maybe a better idea would have been to follow a more experienced side, who also had some new players within their squad. At least this would have highlighted the speed, athleticism and aggression, as well as skill and agility needed to play the game, along with emphasising the continuing growth.

To me Sky Sports’ effort was lazy at best. There seems to have been little research into the real back-bone that makes Lacrosse the sport it is – at least this is how it appears in the footage. Lacrosse has struggled in the past to get great publicity and even in this case English Lacrosse fought hard to get such advertisement. It is terrible then – yet unsurprising – that a channel so hung-up on football, rugby and horse racing should make such a half-hearted attempt at covering a sport so obviously unknown and not cared about to themselves, but to many in this country is loved.

Next time they decide to do a ‘Get Involved’ piece I suggest they let a reporter with at least a tiny bit of interest go a long – at least this way they give the sport half a chance to compete in our society.

Watch the video here @,26691,24134_7482623,00.html


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