Sky Sports need to give me a job!

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Blog
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(Above) Piper's birthday celebrations

In a week which saw no action Lacrosse-wise, there was still plenty to keep the team occupied including Captain’s birthday night on Sunday, at the SuperBowl and Goddard’s mess of a party the night before.

All the good stuff this week, however, has been overshadowed by the events occurring from 7am on Saturday. As the first real national public showing of Lacrosse, this caused excitement to all fans of the sport, including Bournemouth Universities team. It even had some of us calling for a group viewing as we all anticipated – bar the cynical ones among us – a great example of the sport we have all grown to love. In our heads there were images of huge hits, great goals, reaction saves and top skills for the sports fans of the UK to feast their eyes upon. Reality brought a whole different image of Lacrosse as we all know it.

I like Sky Sports really

I have already harped on about this in the news piece I put up yesterday so I won’t continue in that vain. I would also like to say that I am a massive, massive fan and unless I was completely irate – which is the case now – I would never say a bad word against them, because firstly, it has been a source of entertainment and news for me for many years and secondly I did two weeks of amazing work experience there and would very much like to return there in the future.

My point is though, with all the lobbying that went into pushing a huge sports news channel like Sky Sports News into giving Lacrosse – still a relatively small and unknown sport in this country, despite the astronomic rise in recent years – some publicity, it seems to me like a huge waste of time and – to use a less illiterate phrase – a bit of a piss-take that it was done like this. Something I have been saying to friends is that in reality this reporter obviously didn’t know enough about the sport, or care enough about it to bother doing the piece properly. Even if they gave it to a freelancer who had a small knowledge on it, it would have come out much better and the population of England would get a real perspective on what Lacrosse is!

My other theory is that they should have just let me do it! I’m not saying I’m an expert in any shape or form, on Lacrosse or as a Journalist. What I’m saying is I know enough about both subjects to do a much better job than they did.

Here’s me calling you out Sky Sports. Next time you want to do a piece on Lacrosse, give your old friend Jamie a call and I will willingly do it for you – for free – that’s how much I want the UK to know about the real Lacrosse!


New Rosie, barring a few last tweaks (pic, Jamie Hellier)

Now onto this week. Not a lot has been happening Lacrosse-wise like I said earlier, but the team have been preparing for Saturday’s game against Bath 2nds at Chapel Gate: Face-Off 12.30pm. Wednesday’s session was a great chance to run through some clears and other important parts of the game, as well as brushing up on our passing, shooting and dodges, as we look to build on our first win last time out against Southampton. It was also a good chance for me to finally put Rosie through her paces as her new mesh has just about been fitted, despite a rocky first showing in Monday’s session. As you can see by the picture at the top, she looks amazing and barring a few tweeks here and there, throws like an absolute dream. Not bad for my first stringing job!

Anyone who fancies coming down to watch this weekend, feel free. We need all the support we can get, especially now we’ve started getting the winning feeling. COME ON THE BOYS!


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