Royal Navy jumps on the Lacrosse bandwagon

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Beginners, Girl's Lacrosse, Lacrosse News
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LS Dionne Heffernan shows off Lacrosse skills (pic, ELA)

After lengthy planning and preparation the Royal Navy has decided to set up a Women’s Lacrosse team following he success of the Men in the last few years.

Leading Seaman Dionne Heffernan was set the task of encouraging female participants in a Lacrosse taster session last week in Portsmouth with the help of English Lacrosse coach Rachel Campbell. Heffernan was enthusiastically asked by her boss, Lt Cdr Dan Weil – a massive Lacrosse fan – to do this as her first project in her new job, regardless of not knowing anything about the sport.

However, despite the success of the day, she expressed her initial reservations about the day when speaking to English Lacrosse.

“I was unconsciously smiling and nodding away however all I could think of was “what on earth is Lacrosse”? She said of her reaction as her boss Lt Cdr Dan Weil told her his plan for a RN Women’s Lacrosse team.

There has been a Men’s RN Lacrosse team for a few years now with over 200 staff per year who play Inter-services games, as well as organised matches against Universities and local teams. HMS Tremeraire in Portsmouth hosted the 2009 Inter-services tournament, but more memorably the RN team came second in 2011 at RAF Halton. They are aiming to go one better this year in March when the tournament heads to London.

Great turnout

It is this success in the men’s game, not just in the forces, but all over the country which has forced the Women of the RN to give it a try. With a solid fifteen players turning up to the tryouts in Portsmouth alone, it can only be so long before the RN has a Women’s team to rival their Men.

Leading Seaman Heffernan, who’s experience in organising the event totally changed her perspective of the game, spoke of her relief at the success of the day and pleasure at the quality of players who turned up.

“By the end of the session there was some showing off by some of the girls which was quite impressive.  There were some red faces and huffing and puffing after the two hours but we all still had big smiles on our faces.”

It will be hoped by Lt Cdr Weil and those from English Lacrosse that this success will set off a domino effect and encourage other Women in the Royal Navy to start playing one of the fastest growing sports in the country.


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