Lacrosse in the UK is beginning to reap the rewards for the endless amounts of effort and planning in its INTOLacrosse scheme.

The English Lacrosse Association’s new coaching regime all has been hitting Universities and Schools since last summer and has overseen the rise of many new teams as a result.

Bournemouth and Falmouth are the two newest teams in the South West, with English Lacrosse Development Officer, Will Finlayson, at the forefront of their success. The Bath Lacrosse player travels to the respective Universities on a weekly basis to carry out basic Lacrosse skills sessions, along with activities to encourage more and more players to take up the sport.

In their first season, South Coast side Bournemouth have achieved great things, reaching the Flags Plate semi-final where they narrowly lost out to the Swansea Hawks. According to midfielder Dominic Garcia, the INTOLacrosse scheme is a major player in why the team has created such a storm in South Lacrosse. “Our season has started picking up recently and INTOLacrosse has really helped in this. I have a lot of admiration for Will as he travels down every week to help us out.”

Finlayson himself, expressed how successful the scheme had been, especially in the South and South West. “(In) Bournemouth we came down and did a big taster session with fifty to sixty people at it. It’s been really successful – we’ve met all our participation targets for the first year already.”

English Lacrosse will hope to carry on this success into the next year, where they have to re-think their ‘Whole Sport Plan’, with 50,000 ELA members being talked about by 2017, a confident aim for a sport which is still in its development stage.


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