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LS Dionne Heffernan shows off Lacrosse skills (pic, ELA)

After lengthy planning and preparation the Royal Navy has decided to set up a Women’s Lacrosse team following he success of the Men in the last few years.

Leading Seaman Dionne Heffernan was set the task of encouraging female participants in a Lacrosse taster session last week in Portsmouth with the help of English Lacrosse coach Rachel Campbell. Heffernan was enthusiastically asked by her boss, Lt Cdr Dan Weil – a massive Lacrosse fan – to do this as her first project in her new job, regardless of not knowing anything about the sport.



This weeks edition of ‘How to LAX’ will be the last for a while as the team embark on another epic editing session to get the next bits finished.

However, this week is Face-offs, Lacrosse’s equivalent of a kick-off in football. You need to be strong and have good core strength to be successful at this and have cat-like reactions to go with it. Winning a face-off can be the difference between starting a quick attack for a goal, or losing it and conceding within seconds. Therefore, it is imperative to a team to win this very important skill in the match.

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Week 4 of ‘How to LAX’ with Bournemouth University captain Ben Piper, see’s the former Wales under-19’s player take you through ground balls. Without the ability to pick up loose balls from the ground there is really not a lot of chance that your team will gain possession, making it another fundamental basic of the game.

Here’s Ground Balls…

The third installment of the ‘How to LAX’ videos sees Bournemouth Captain Ben Piper teach us how to Cradle a Lacrosse ball in the stick. This is a very unique style of moving with the ball compared with other sports, but has very useful advantages such as being able to move fast with the ball while protecting it in your stick. Ben explains expertly here all the reasons why cradling is yet another fundamental of the game.

Week 2 sees Ben Piper, Bournemouth University captain show us more of the fundamental parts of Lacrosse. This time it’s throwing and catching, one of the most obvious but important aspects of the game.

Watch how this week he actually gets it in the goal at the end too!!

In this series of videos, Bournemouth University Lacrosse captain Ben Piper takes us through some of the basics of the game. Ben has played for Wales at youth level and as explained in this clip, has high aspirations for his future in Lacrosse.

Here he is introducing us to the positions and sticks used in the game. Excuse the lack of Midfield recognition, it seems in Piper’s eyes they are just not as important…

The sound levels get better in the follow-up videos, I promise. Next week in ‘How to LAX’ is throwing and catching.

How to play Lacrosse – Week 5

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Beginners

This week is all about starting a game. In football you have a kick-off, but in Lacrosse you call it the face-off. It is another extremely important part of the game, as winning a face-off could set your team on a quick attack and lead to a goal and likewise if you lose one, it will put your team under instant pressure. Here’s Andy again to show you how it’s done properly through his YouTube tutorials.