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Hellier (left) and Piper (right) nurse arms (pic, D.Garcia)

This week once again sees more than one entry into the Broken man Chronicles. Following the game versus Cheltenham on Saturday, both myself and Captain Ben Piper came away with the inability to move our right arms. This lead to inappropriate banter about a certain night-time activity, as well as questions about how we would play Call of Duty in the evening.

Anyway, Piper headed off to Bournemouth General Hospital after the game as he suspected he had broken his arm having heard a crack after getting his arm trapped in a challenge with an opponent. Following a long wait in A&E, however, it turned out that luckily it was just some very painful soft tissue damage and that a short rest would sort it out.

Me on the other hand decided not to go to the hospital after realising that I was in fact a massive wuss and there wasn’t much more wrong that a badly bruised arm, despite getting destroyed by three players in the corner whilst going on a mad run. Guess all that milk I drink came in handy after all!

All in all we’re a bunch of panzies and have come out of this with no real injuries, except our pride!


Rampage's arm after check in Swansea (pic, Jamie Hellier)

This week there are two different nominations for the broken man of the week. One of them, however, is not actually a human, but is a sad loss nonetheless.

The first though is Joe Jackson’s epic bruise on his arm following a massive check by a Swansea player last weekend. This is a rare¬†occurrence having two weeks in a row, but this one certainly deserves it. It didn’t come out until a few days after, hence why it was absent from last weeks chronicles, but better late than never! Lets all hope he doesn’t make it three in a row next week.


This feature has been absent ever since its conception really, so it’s about time we had a new one.

Saturday’s game saw a number of injuries, including Dom Garcia getting flattened a couple of times and threatened with death at one point by the friendly opposition and my own fat leg which still to this moment I cannot understand how it happened.

However, this weeks top scar comes from the leg of Joe ‘Rampage’ ‘The Wizard’ Jackson, partly because it’s the only one which was worth a photo and also due to its bloody nastiness.


This is yet another new feature, plucked from the infinite mind of yours truly, called ‘the Broken man Chronicles’. This is a different way of saying Injury of the week, but I think that sounds too common for CrazygoalieLAX.