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LS Dionne Heffernan shows off Lacrosse skills (pic, ELA)

After lengthy planning and preparation the Royal Navy has decided to set up a Women’s Lacrosse team following he success of the Men in the last few years.

Leading Seaman Dionne Heffernan was set the task of encouraging female participants in a Lacrosse taster session last week in Portsmouth with the help of English Lacrosse coach Rachel Campbell. Heffernan was enthusiastically asked by her boss, Lt Cdr Dan Weil – a massive Lacrosse fan – to do this as her first project in her new job, regardless of not knowing anything about the sport.


Bournemouth Girl's Lacrosse

Bournemouth Girl's team celebrate despite defeat (pic, Coach Michelle)

Cirencester 18 – 5 Bournemouth University Girls

Bournemouth University’s new squad of girls continue to impress despite losing again to a very experienced Cirencester team, in a game which was once again dominated by adverse weather conditions. 

The South Coast girls have had to get used to awful conditions in the last couple of games, first playing on a bog-like pitch in Plymouth and  now seeing 30-mph winds literally taking the ball out of their sticks, making it hard for any sort of skill to shine through.

Last time out Plymouth scraped a win as Bournemouth adjusted to the conditions quicker, however, Cirencester, with their bank of experienced international players, had seen it all before and ended up running away with this game despite a spirited display from the more inexperienced Bournemouth.


Bournemouth celebrate despite defeat (pic, Coach Michelle)

Bournemouth Girls Lacrosse team almost pulled off a remarkable comeback away to a much favoured Plymouth side in a game marred by a waterlogged pitch which saw Bournemouth’s Claire Brooke lose her shoe in the mud.

As early as the draw Bournemouth knew they were in for a scrappy game, thanks to the grass being too long, the muddy pitch being almost unplayable and the Plymouth girls being what Blues Captain Emma Fish described as ‘swipey’. Therefore, being one of the more polite teams in the league, Bournemouth struggled as the feistier Devon team took the first quarter by the scruff of the neck to lead 4-1, although there was some light relief as Brooke hopped around the fan searching for her boot.