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Exeter take on Bournemouth in Tournament opener (pic, Liz Hellier)

This weekend saw the third INTO Lacrosse fresher’s tournament of the season, with Exeter in the South West hosting yet another unforgettable event.

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Hellier (left) and Piper (right) nurse arms (pic, D.Garcia)

This week once again sees more than one entry into the Broken man Chronicles. Following the game versus Cheltenham on Saturday, both myself and Captain Ben Piper came away with the inability to move our right arms. This lead to inappropriate banter about a certain night-time activity, as well as questions about how we would play Call of Duty in the evening.

Anyway, Piper headed off to Bournemouth General Hospital after the game as he suspected he had broken his arm having heard a crack after getting his arm trapped in a challenge with an opponent. Following a long wait in A&E, however, it turned out that luckily it was just some very painful soft tissue damage and that a short rest would sort it out.

Me on the other hand decided not to go to the hospital after realising that I was in fact a massive wuss and there wasn’t much more wrong that a badly bruised arm, despite getting destroyed by three players in the corner whilst going on a mad run. Guess all that milk I drink came in handy after all!

All in all we’re a bunch of panzies and have come out of this with no real injuries, except our pride!

Bournemouth dejected after Cheltenham loss (pic, J.Hellier)

This week for Lacrosse has not been the best for me and Saturday just rubbed salt into the wound.

It all started on Monday, after happily announcing last week that I had restrung Rosie and she was looking great and what not; it turns out I was wrong. Ever since that bold statement I have been stressing and struggling to re-fix her. Where I tried looking at videos on YoutTube of how to re-string a Lacrosse goalie stick, this seems to have thrown me off in the wrong direction. At first I had a stick that was whipping so much I couldn’t throw it more than 10 feet in the air. Then after alterations and once again telling people I had fixed her once and for all, I messed it up further so the ball started catching on the bottom shooting string.

Monday came and I was sure that this time I had definitely fixed it, but after five minutes of training I realised these thoughts were misguided once more. Our INTO Lacrosse coach Will then took a look at it, only for him to laugh in my face at the poor job I had done at restringing the bottom of the head. My excuse was that the video had told me to do this, in truth I was just terrible at it and doing my own thing. Taking his advice into account I tightened up the bottom strings and took Rosie to Wednesday’s training session with reserved optimism. By this point I had decided to change the two shooting strings from the double V that was in last weeks blog, to two curved top shooters with a sidewall string as a third shooter.

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LS Dionne Heffernan shows off Lacrosse skills (pic, ELA)

After lengthy planning and preparation the Royal Navy has decided to set up a Women’s Lacrosse team following he success of the Men in the last few years.

Leading Seaman Dionne Heffernan was set the task of encouraging female participants in a Lacrosse taster session last week in Portsmouth with the help of English Lacrosse coach Rachel Campbell. Heffernan was enthusiastically asked by her boss, Lt Cdr Dan Weil – a massive Lacrosse fan – to do this as her first project in her new job, regardless of not knowing anything about the sport.

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(Above) Piper's birthday celebrations

In a week which saw no action Lacrosse-wise, there was still plenty to keep the team occupied including Captain’s birthday night on Sunday, at the SuperBowl and Goddard’s mess of a party the night before.

All the good stuff this week, however, has been overshadowed by the events occurring from 7am on Saturday. As the first real national public showing of Lacrosse, this caused excitement to all fans of the sport, including Bournemouth Universities team. It even had some of us calling for a group viewing as we all anticipated – bar the cynical ones among us – a great example of the sport we have all grown to love. In our heads there were images of huge hits, great goals, reaction saves and top skills for the sports fans of the UK to feast their eyes upon. Reality brought a whole different image of Lacrosse as we all know it.

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INTOLacrosse tournament 2012 (pic by Emma Fish)

Sky Sports News last weekend failed miserably in an attempt to showcase the growing impact of Lacrosse in the UK, instead turning it into a social sport for University students.

The five minute clip, part of the channel’s ‘Get Involved’ with sport feature, involved a team of reporters and cameras following around Worcester Universities Lacrosse team on an INTO Lacrosse session. The idea had a lot of potential in being able to show off all aspects of the game through a huge platform in Sky Sports News. However, instead of showing great passing, big checks, fast plays or even some good goals, they turned it into a laughing stock with people dropping the ball, missing shots and failing even to cradle the ball most of the time.

Worcester had a large amount of pressure on their hands and they shouldn’t be blamed for this. This was a great opportunity to get more people interested in playing Lacrosse – and to a certain degree it probably did this – but the more athletic people who would be interested in the sport are surely going to be put off by such a feeble example of it, instead mistaking it for a throw-about in the park.

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