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Joe 'Rampage' Jackson ready to go into battle (pic, E.Fish)

Epic is often a word bandied around far too easily in my opinion, but last Sunday was definitely one of epic proportions for me and the Bournemouth Lacrosse team – ignoring the 7am wake-up call that is!



Last weekend saw the most recent INTOLacrosse fresher’s tournament played in Exeter. Here are a selection of pictures from throughout the day, including all five teams; Falmouth, Bournemouth, Bath, Exeter and Plymouth, who all put on a great spectacle for the crowds of people.


Exeter take on Bournemouth in Tournament opener (pic, Liz Hellier)

This weekend saw the third INTO Lacrosse fresher’s tournament of the season, with Exeter in the South West hosting yet another unforgettable event.


(Above) Piper's birthday celebrations

In a week which saw no action Lacrosse-wise, there was still plenty to keep the team occupied including Captain’s birthday night on Sunday, at the SuperBowl and Goddard’s mess of a party the night before.

All the good stuff this week, however, has been overshadowed by the events occurring from 7am on Saturday. As the first real national public showing of Lacrosse, this caused excitement to all fans of the sport, including Bournemouth Universities team. It even had some of us calling for a group viewing as we all anticipated – bar the cynical ones among us – a great example of the sport we have all grown to love. In our heads there were images of huge hits, great goals, reaction saves and top skills for the sports fans of the UK to feast their eyes upon. Reality brought a whole different image of Lacrosse as we all know it.


Trowbridge Freshers tournament (pic, Nick Roberts)

Wow! What a day of Lacrosse that was yesterday. I’m gonna start this week off by congratulating the BULC lads for their fine display in the tournament in Trowbridge on Sunday after playing four, losing none and winning only our second game this season – even if it was in a freshers tournament – they all count. With a bit more luck in the last game we could have even won the whole thing, but we should still be proud, especially my dogged defence who kept no less than three clean sheets.

Anyway, away from the team and back to the reason this blog started in the first place – ME!