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Bournemouth v Swansea

George FeBreese escapes the clutches of the Swansea defence. (pic, Jack Simmons)

Bournemouth University fell at the last hurdle as an experienced Swansea Hawks team scraped victory to book their place in the Flags Plate final in Reading.


Joe 'Rampage' Jackson ready to go into battle (pic, E.Fish)

Epic is often a word bandied around far too easily in my opinion, but last Sunday was definitely one of epic¬†proportions for me and the Bournemouth Lacrosse team –¬†ignoring the 7am wake-up call that is!


Last weekend saw the most recent INTOLacrosse fresher’s tournament played in Exeter. Here are a selection of pictures from throughout the day, including all five teams; Falmouth, Bournemouth, Bath, Exeter and Plymouth, who all put on a great spectacle for the crowds of people.



Exeter take on Bournemouth in Tournament opener (pic, Liz Hellier)

This weekend saw the third INTO Lacrosse fresher’s tournament of the season, with Exeter in the South West hosting yet another unforgettable event.


Hellier (left) and Piper (right) nurse arms (pic, D.Garcia)

This week once again sees more than one entry into the Broken man Chronicles. Following the game versus Cheltenham on Saturday, both myself and Captain Ben Piper came away with the inability to move our right arms. This lead to inappropriate banter about a certain night-time activity, as well as questions about how we would play Call of Duty in the evening.

Anyway, Piper headed off to Bournemouth General Hospital after the game as he suspected he had broken his arm having heard a crack after getting his arm trapped in a challenge with an opponent. Following a long wait in A&E, however, it turned out that luckily it was just some very painful soft tissue damage and that a short rest would sort it out.

Me on the other hand decided not to go to the hospital after realising that I was in fact a massive wuss and there wasn’t much more wrong that a badly bruised arm, despite getting destroyed by three players in the corner whilst going on a mad run. Guess all that milk I drink came in handy after all!

All in all we’re a bunch of panzies and have come out of this with no real injuries, except our pride!