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Lacrosse in the UK is beginning to reap the rewards for the endless amounts of effort and planning in its INTOLacrosse scheme.

The English Lacrosse Association’s new coaching regime all has been hitting Universities and Schools since last summer and has overseen the rise of many new teams as a result.

Bournemouth and Falmouth are the two newest teams in the South West, with English Lacrosse Development Officer, Will Finlayson, at the forefront of their success. The Bath Lacrosse player travels to the respective Universities on a weekly basis to carry out basic Lacrosse skills sessions, along with activities to encourage more and more players to take up the sport.


INTOLacrosse Exeter Final

Bath take on hosts Exeter in latest INTOLacrosse Fresher tournament Final (pic, Emma Fish)

The English Lacrosse Association sets bold target of 50,000 participants by 2017 as they look to push on from their successful four year ‘Whole Sport Plan’ of action. 

Since the start of 2009’s original ‘Plan’, English Lacrosse has turned its little known sport into the nationwide phenomenon that it is today. Working alongside many different bodies such as UK Lacrosse and UK Sport they have fought tooth and nail to fulfill the initial statement of intent – to gain nationwide coverage of the blood thirsty and intense sport of Lacrosse.

Although many will argue they still don’t know enough about the sport, the statistics show otherwise. From 2009-present participation throughout the UK has skyrocketed from 8,000 ELA (English Lacrosse Association) members to 17,000 – a rise of over 20% per year. Added to this there has been a stark rise in the number of Universities starting Lacrosse clubs, with now more than fifty across the country, up from the original eight either in BUCS or other leagues. In comparison, Lacrosse’s main rival, Hockey, dropped by 13% in participation levels in 2010 alone [Active people survey] showing a major shift in balance between the two.


Last weekend saw the most recent INTOLacrosse fresher’s tournament played in Exeter. Here are a selection of pictures from throughout the day, including all five teams; Falmouth, Bournemouth, Bath, Exeter and Plymouth, who all put on a great spectacle for the crowds of people.



LS Dionne Heffernan shows off Lacrosse skills (pic, ELA)

After lengthy planning and preparation the Royal Navy has decided to set up a Women’s Lacrosse team following he success of the Men in the last few years.

Leading Seaman Dionne Heffernan was set the task of encouraging female participants in a Lacrosse taster session last week in Portsmouth with the help of English Lacrosse coach Rachel Campbell. Heffernan was enthusiastically asked by her boss, Lt Cdr Dan Weil – a massive Lacrosse fan – to do this as her first project in her new job, regardless of not knowing anything about the sport.


INTOLacrosse tournament 2012 (pic by Emma Fish)

Sky Sports News last weekend failed miserably in an attempt to showcase the growing impact of Lacrosse in the UK, instead turning it into a social sport for University students.

The five minute clip, part of the channel’s ‘Get Involved’ with sport feature, involved a team of reporters and cameras following around Worcester Universities Lacrosse team on an INTO Lacrosse session. The idea had a lot of potential in being able to show off all aspects of the game through a huge platform in Sky Sports News. However, instead of showing great passing, big checks, fast plays or even some good goals, they turned it into a laughing stock with people dropping the ball, missing shots and failing even to cradle the ball most of the time.

Worcester had a large amount of pressure on their hands and they shouldn’t be blamed for this. This was a great opportunity to get more people interested in playing Lacrosse – and to a certain degree it probably did this – but the more athletic people who would be interested in the sport are surely going to be put off by such a feeble example of it, instead mistaking it for a throw-about in the park.


ET2 draws in huge crowd (pic, ELA)

Didsbury Cricket Club, Manchester played host to a special memorial event for the late Eddie Thornber last Sunday, as over 100 boys took to the field for a unique coaching clinic with some of the most experienced players in the UK.

The success of the event came as no shock as people came from all over the country to play in memory of Thornber, who played for local side Manchester Waconians LC, before being taken from the world far too early.