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INTOLacrosse Exeter Final

Bath take on hosts Exeter in latest INTOLacrosse Fresher tournament Final (pic, Emma Fish)

The English Lacrosse Association sets bold target of 50,000 participants by 2017 as they look to push on from their successful four year ‘Whole Sport Plan’ of action. 

Since the start of 2009’s original ‘Plan’, English Lacrosse has turned its little known sport into the nationwide phenomenon that it is today. Working alongside many different bodies such as UK Lacrosse and UK Sport they have fought tooth and nail to fulfill the initial statement of intent – to gain nationwide coverage of the blood thirsty and intense sport of Lacrosse.

Although many will argue they still don’t know enough about the sport, the statistics show otherwise. From 2009-present participation throughout the UK has skyrocketed from 8,000 ELA (English Lacrosse Association) members to 17,000 – a rise of over 20% per year. Added to this there has been a stark rise in the number of Universities starting Lacrosse clubs, with now more than fifty across the country, up from the original eight either in BUCS or other leagues. In comparison, Lacrosse’s main rival, Hockey, dropped by 13% in participation levels in 2010 alone [Active people survey] showing a major shift in balance between the two.



Rampage's arm after check in Swansea (pic, Jamie Hellier)

This week there are two different nominations for the broken man of the week. One of them, however, is not actually a human, but is a sad loss nonetheless.

The first though is Joe Jackson’s epic bruise on his arm following a massive check by a Swansea player last weekend. This is a rare occurrence having two weeks in a row, but this one certainly deserves it. It didn’t come out until a few days after, hence why it was absent from last weeks chronicles, but better late than never! Lets all hope he doesn’t make it three in a row next week.


Broken Warrior throat guard (pic, Jamie Hellier)

A Bournemouth Lacrosse player was left in shock yesterday after a freak accident saw him grasping for air and worried for his life.

Jamie Morris, 21, from London, was having a turn in goal, taking over from the usual man between the sticks, Jamie Hellier, who had been complaining of hip pains, but was soon left to regret the decision.

After a couple of warm-up shots, which according to Hellier, were “dealt with admirably”, Captain Ben Piper decided to crank up a big shot to test the new keeper. Unfortunately just two seconds later the Warrior throat-guard, which goalkeepers must wear to ‘protect their throat’, was hit and exploded into tens of pieces, leaving the whole team in shock, none more so than Morris who’s face painted a very helpless picture.